Working For A Living

Excerpt from a (slightly embellished) telephone conversation;

Client :: “Hi Geek, it’s Client. How are you?”

Geek :: “Hi Client! I’m fine how’ve you been?”

Client :: “Good, good. Sorry I haven’t called in a while but now that I have I was wondering what your schedule looked like.”

Geek :: “My schedule? For when?”

Client :: “How about this afternoon? I need someone to do some graphic work. It’s easy stuff and it should only be for a couple of hours.”

Little Voice in Geek’s Head :: “Run! Run far, run fast, but RUN!

Geek :: “I think I can make it this afternoon. How does 2pm sound?”

Client :: “Great! Bring a computer with you.”

Little Voice :: “Here it comes.”

Geek :: “You need my computer? Uh, how big is this job?”

Client :: “Well, actually we’re creating a pitch for the business of (really big company). They’re looking for a new PR firm and we made the second cut. We need an entire multimedia presentation by 8:00 tomorrow morning. Be here by noon. Bye!”

Little Voice :: “You poor, stupid fool.”

Geek :: “Someone kill me.”

Although no one did manage to kill me, it wasn’t for lack of trying.


  1. ahem! not even one of those lovely people tried to kill you that evening…how can you forget all the good times we had? the obscure photo research, the wacky apropos to nothing graphics, the laughs we shared.

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