Back From the Dead

Well, I’m finally done with my “real world” work and am finally able to get back to work on this site. It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to work on this site and unfortunately, I’ve forgotten almost everything I did and am just now going back and looking over my code. Let my misfortune be a lesson for all of you hopeful Geeks out there. When writing code, use lots and lots of comments to explain things to anyone that might come along and look at it later. Going over code (even code you wrote your own damn self) even a couple of months later can be confusing as hell if you don’t have a ‘roadmap’ to follow.

Right now I’m working on stuff that no one but me will ever notice. Things like; integrating GreyMatter properly, resizing the layout to work better independently of your browser or screen resolution, the Daily Geek Archives and a few other things. I know none of this is exciting or interesting to those tiny few who are coming here looking for content, but sooner or later I’ll be satisfied enough with the back end of this site to finally start putting up the content.

Other than that, nothing much to say just yet. I want to get this site up and running before I start with my usual rants, raves and long-winded stories of mundane mediocrity blown up into historically inaccurate delusions of grandeur.

The True Beginning

Here is another quick test of my unbelievably sub-par hacking skillz. I’m currently trying to see if there will appear, as if by magic, a cute little seperator graphic in between my posts. Currently, I’m not sure if the seperator is configured to show up in between each post or only between each days posts. I’m really not sure so I’m going to make two quick posts and then come back and check up on my newborn site. Toodles!

The First of Many

I really hope that this works the way I want it to work. Right now I’m a little baffled by all the choices I have at my disposal. Wow. Can I just say ‘wow’ a few more times?

Wow, wow, wowowow.

So many choices and me with no real programming skilz to help me sort through them. I’m like a big kid in a candy buffett. GreyMatter is really cool.

Let’s test BOLD TEXT now.

How about some ITALIC TEXT for the Italiacs out there.

So, that’s about it. Nothing to say until I actually SEE this. Hope it works. Pray for me.