Winds Of Change

For there’s a change in the weather, there’s a change in the sea,
So from now on there’ll be a change in me
My walk will be different, my talk and my name,
Nothing about me is going to be the same
I’m going to change my way of living if that ain’t enough,
Then I’ll change the way I strut my stuff
Cause nobody wants you when you’re old and gray
There’ll be some changes made today,
There’ll be some changes made

For there’s a change in the fashions, ask the feminine folks,
Even Jack Benny has been changing jokes,
I must make some changes from old to the new,
I must do some things the same as others do
I’m going to change my long tall Mama for a little short fat,
Going to change the number where I live at
I must have some loving or I’ll fade away
There’ll be some changes made today
Oh, there’ll be some changes made
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Blog: 0

I’ll be gone at least a week.

My best friend in the whole world has had a family catastrophe and it is necessary for me to go to him in his time of need and offer him all the comfort and support I can possibly give. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back, but I’d be mighty appreciative of any and all good thoughts and/or well-wishes that you might send our way during this crisis.

Thank you.

So This Is War

Funny, I don’t feel ‘war-ish’.

I’m not sure, but in order for an altercation to be considered a fight, don’t both sides need to be able to at least have the possibility of hurting each other? I mean, even though there are bombs and missiles exploding over Baghdad there isn’t anything happening over here aside from some rain.

I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. Y’know?

I don’t like to talk politics or religion here, it’s just not my bag, baby. But I am going to say a quick little something today. I used to have another website two years ago and on that website I once made a prediction. I predicted that Dubya would get this country involved in a war sometime during his presidency and lo and behold, I was right.

Go me.

But that prediction isn’t really the important thing, at least it isn’t anymore. What is important is that whether I was for or against this particular war before it began, and I’ve never mentioned on this website which way my thoughts lay, doesn’t really matter now that we’ve started bombing Baghdad. Whether I was for or against is now moot since it is my fellow Americans out there doing whatever it takes to get the job they were told to do done.

And so, I no longer consider myself pro or con.

Whether you were an anti-war, pro-peace, tree-hugging hippy, or an anti-diplomacy, pro-war, kill-em-all warmonger, I don’t think it matters anymore. Right now, you should be giving the armed forces all the support you can.

But afterwards you can bet there’ll be some reckoning.

Once this war is over those of you who were all for more diplomacy can bring Dubya to task for his actions and decisions that have no doubt made America an even more feared and/or loathed country in the eyes of the world. Those of you who applauded the president’s decision can raise him on your shoulders and carry him down every Main Street in America shouting praise at him for having the balls to finally do what needed to be done.

Me? I think I’ll just stay home and write something funny.

Right now, I am wholeheartedly hoping with all my being that this will end quickly and decisively, so that the men and women who are out there laying their lives on the line for us can come home. Safe, sound and to a nation that respects them for their willingness to lay down their own lives for us.

Good fortune, soldiers. Come home soon.