Asking For A Friend

I have three questions for registered republicans, or republican-leaning voters who voted for Trump. No trolling, please. I’m asking so I can try to understand the reasoning of people I don’t currently comprehend.

  1. What are three republican qualities or values that Donald Trump embodies that you feel make him a good president? Please give an example of something Trump has actually done, NOT just said he’d do, as an example for each of your stated qualities or values.
  2. What do you believe are the values embodied by Roy Moore that are worth overlooking the credible accusations of sexual misconduct levied against him, or the fact that he was removed from office twice in the past for ignoring the rule of law? If the mere accusation of sexual misconduct is enough for people in the entertainment business to be fired, why not politicians?
  3. Since the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency is nearly over, and republicans are in control of all three branches of government, it is reasonable to assume the political pendulum has swung decidedly rightward. So, with that in mind, what laws, bills, or executive orders from this administration have directly improved your life?

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